Achieving impact through intergovernmental co-operation on artificial intelligence

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) works on the promotion and protection of fundamental human rights in the European Union (EU). As part of its work, the Agency provides research and expert advice to policy makers about the fundamental rights implications of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Research project: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Fundamental Rights

The European Union Fundamental Rights Agency ​carries out a research project that assesses the pros and cons for fundamental rights of using artificial intelligence (AI) and big data for public administration and business purposes in selected EU Member States. The project runs from 2019 until 2022. For more details, see here

Live AI news related to FRA

Publication: Getting the future right: Artificial intelligence and fundamental rights

Artificial intelligence (AI) already plays a role in deciding what unemployment benefits someone gets, where a burglary is likely to take place, whether someone is at risk of cancer, or who sees that catchy advertisement for low mortgage rates. Its use keeps growing, presenting seemingly endless possibilities. But we need to make sure to fully uphold fundamental rights standards when using AI. This report presents concrete examples of how companies and public administrations in the EU are using, or trying to use, AI. It focuses on four core areas – social benefits, predictive policing, health services and targeted advertising.