Past events on Globalpolicy.AI

Fundamental Rights Forum 2021, 11 - 12 October 2021


Session title: Globalpolicy.AI: achieving impact through intergovernmental co-operation on AI

Date/time: Tuesday, 12 October 2021 at 14:30 – 15:30 CET. 

Description: Leaders from the participating organisations will highlight the launch of the Globalpolicy.AI initiative in mid-September 2021, discuss the added value of each organisation in the development of policies on AI and underline how the new portal fits in with their organisation’s mandate on AI. Globalpolicy.AI’s participating organisations develop and launch AI initiatives that take many different forms – all the way from publications, observatories, and educational material to regulation and international treaties.


Patrick Pennincx, Head of Department, Information Society, Council of Europe

Audrey Plonk, Head of Division, Digital Economy Policy, OECD

Jo Goodey, Head of Research & Data Unit, Fundamental Rights Agency

Cedric Wachholz, Chief of Section, Digital Innovation and Transformation, UNESCO

European Commission High-Level Conference on AI: From Ambition to Action, 14 - 15 September 2021

Session title: Launch of International Outreach and Cooperation Initiatives: & Globalpolicy.AI

Date/time: Tuesday, 14 September at 16h00 – 17h00 CET. 

Description:  This session formally launched international outreach and cooperation initiatives promoted by the European Commission and partners, and in particular the project and GlobalPolicy.AI, an online platform developed through ongoing co-operation between intergovernmental organisations with complementary mandates on artificial intelligence (AI).

Moderator: Gianluca Misuraca, Team leader,


Andrew Wyckoff, Director for Science, Technology and Innovation, OECD 

Lucilla Sioli, Director for AI and Digital Industry, DG CONNECT, European Commission 

Stefan Schleuning, Head of Unit – Industrialised Countries & Foreign Policy Support, Service for Foreign Policy Instruments, European Commission

Eva Kaili, Member of the European Parliament | Samia Melhem Global Lead, Digital Capabilities, World Bank Group 

Marko Grobelnik, Co-leader, OECD AI ONE, IRCAI

Watch the video replay of the session below.

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